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Traveling Exhibits Program
Registration Form

Borrowing Manager's Contact Information


1. Purpose. Columbus-Lowndes Public Library System traveling exhibitions may be used for educational purposes only. No special admission fee may be charged.

2. Bookings are valid only when this form is completed and returned. Cancellations may be made by either the Borrower or the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library System. The Borrower should cancel at least one month in advance of its scheduled opening date for the exhibit. Postponements are considered cancellations.

3. Protection. The Borrower agrees to notify the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library System immediately of any theft or damage occurring while the exhibition is in its possession. The Borrower agrees to provide: all fire precautions according to local fire department regulations; handling, unpacking, and repacking of the exhibition under professional supervision; and protection against theft. Unless otherwise noted, the exhibition will not be exhibited in open air or temporary structures. The Borrower agrees to take all reasonable precautions for the protection of the exhibition.

4. Condition Reports. The Borrower should report any damage to the exhibition, using the forms provided. Repairs should not be undertaken without advice from the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library System.

5. Transportation. The Columbus-Lowndes Public Library only allows for physical transportation of its exhibits. It will not ship to or have an exhibit shipped from a Borrower. The Borrower agrees to use an appropriately-sized covered vehicle to pick up and bring back the exhibit on the dates specified in the contract. Refer to the sizing on the CLPLS website to make sure the vehicle is large enough to accommodate the exhibit. The Borrower agrees to have the vehicle intended for transportation approved by CLPLS staff. When necessary, the Borrower agrees to transport the exhibit from a previous site or on to the next site. The Borrower agrees to provide enough staff to load and unload the exhibit at pickup and drop-off.

6. Publicity and Credit. The Columbus-Lowndes Public Library System will provide the Borrower with publicity material. Duplication of publicity photograph(s) is prohibited. The Borrower agrees to give credit to the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library System, Traveling Exhibits Program, in all acknowledgments, printed material, press releases, and catalogs.

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