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Mobile Printing
Printing at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library System has become easier, as you can use your personal computer, laptop, or mobile device to print to the library’s printers.
Printing costs are 25¢ per page for Black & White copies and 50¢ per page for Color copies. You must pay for all pages printed. If you are not sure how to print or need assistance, please ask before printing. We cannot refund money.
Mobile Printing from Your Personal Device
Send as Email Attachment
Login to your own personal email account and send/forward an email with the document to be printed as an attachment to
Printing At the Self Service Kiosk Computer
  1. At the Kiosk, click Release a Print Job and enter your library card number or guest pass number to print.
  2. Select the print job(s) you wish to print and click Print.
  3. Add your money to the coin and bill acceptor which is located next to the kiosk.
  4. Click Pay from Vending Device on the computer.
  5. The job(s) will then be released to the printer.
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