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Lowndes County History
Lowndes County and Columbus both have a very rich history. Below are some images from the past. For more information about these images or to learn more about the past of Lowndes County and Columbus, please visit the Local History Department at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library. 

All images can be enlarged by clicking them. 
Richard Laws fills prescriptions in a window inside Laws Drug Store. Around the window are shelves of various products for sale. Image is in black and white.

Richard Laws at Laws Drug Store, 1995

Laws Drug Store was the oldest operating drug store in Columbus when it closed in 1995. Open for over 90 years, three generations of Laws had owned and operated the store.

Laws Drug Store was opened in 1905 by John R. Laws and Charles Colvin. The first store was located on Fifth Avenue South. A few years later, the store moved to 221 Fifth Street South.

Two men stand in front of a 1930s model truck in front of a building in a black and white photo. The truck has a flat bed with logs on the back and one man leans on the load of the truck with his hand on his hip.

Two men in downtown Columbus, circa 1930s

Two men stand in front of the OK Motor Company in an image from around the 1930s. OK Motor Company dealt Ford and Lincoln automobiles. It was located at 401-403 Second Avenue South, which is now the parking lot on the corner of College Street and 4th Street South today.

Otto Kochtitzky served as OK Motor Company's president, while Julia Kochtitzky worked as secretary-treasurer.

Seven women pose for a photo in black and white. Three stand women stand behind four others who are sitting in chairs.

Local beauticians, circa 1960s

Front row (L to R): Johnie Manning Cockrell, Rosalie Harris, Lurleen Thompson, and Rosalie Morris.

Back row (L to R): Annie Laurie Richardson, Paulette Moody, and Hilda Hopkins. 


R.E. Hunt High School Homecoming Parade, 1964.

Women sit and stand in front of library shelving in a back workroom in a library. Two women in the foreground sit and type on typewriters. One woman in the middle of the image is reaching for something above her, while a fourth woman is also sitting and working on a typewriter.

Library Staff, circa 1960s.

Two young boys reach out to move blocks on a table as they build a library model. A toy truck with "Bookmobile" on the side sits on the table next to them.

Two boys in the Stephen D. Lee High School Band Room, circa 1960s

Two boys work on building a model of a library in the old library located in the Stephen D. Lee High School Band Room.

An all-black baseball team poses for a photo in black and white. Six players and the coach stand in a row, while seven players kneel on one knee in the front row. Most are smiling or have a small smirk.

The Merchants and Farmers Bank Baseball Team, circa 1960s

This image is believed to have been taken at Propst Park. Individuals include:

Front Row (L to R): Clyde Edwards, Randy Edwards Eddie Gore, Edward Gore, "Sonny" Blevens, unidentified male, and (NO FIRST NAME) Price.

Back Row (L to R): Johnnie Will Tate, (NO FIRST NAME) Shelton, Kenneth Brown, Spencer Cotton, (NO FIRST NAME) Hairston, Larry Lockett, and Stacy Glenn.

If you know more about this image, please message Archivist Mona Vance-Ali at so more information can be added.

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