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1. Attend a library program
  (check our calendars for upcoming programs!)

2. Read a book with a purple cover

3. Read a book with a tree on the cover

4. Read a nonfiction book

5. Read a book about an adventure

6. Read a book set in the winter

7. Complete an act of kindness

8. Read a board book    

9. Read a book to your favorite toy or stuffed animal

10. Listen to an audiobook or Vox book
(ask us about these!)

11. Check out a puzzle or game from the library

12. Read a book about a favorite character

13. Read a book published in 2023 or 2024

14. Read a book with an orange or yellow cover

15. Read a book of bedtime stories

16. Read a book with a white cover

17. Read from your favorite book aloud

18. Read a book recommended by a librarian

19. Read a book at a playground

20. Read a book with a green cover

21. Read a book with a vehicle on the cover

22. Read a children's book about friendship with a friend

23. Read a book outside for at least 15 minutes

24. Read a book based solely on the cover

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