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EP 39: We Want to Rip Off the Bandaid (w/ Emily of Friendly City Books)

Nicole and Tori welcome Emily, owner and operator of Friendly City Books, the only local independent bookstore in Columbus, Mississippi. Friendly City Books recently reopened on Nov. 27, 2021 after the storefront was damaged 10 weeks prior in an accident. Emily recommends some new books for listeners, and gives insight to what book shoppers will find in the newly reopened storefront. Online purchases with Friendly City Books can be made at In addition to the reopening, the hosts and Emily discuss the recent growth in book bans across the country. The resources discussed in this episode are listed below:

Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas;

These Precious Days: Essays by Ann Patchett;

Stretch Like Scarlet by Emily Liner, illustrated by John Clark;

How to Read by Thomas Richardson

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